Sea Frost BF Series Bait Freezers


Sea Frost Bait Freezers (BF Series) are compact, 110 or 220 volt AC powered units adaptable as catch box chillers, bait freezers or galley refrigerators/freezers. These can be bulkhead or shelf-mounted and are capable of maintaining an insulated cabinet below freezing temperatures when operating from a continuous power source. The remote mounted compressor and condenser are housed in a compact, rust-proof, fiberglass housing. Temperature is controlled with a digital, low-voltage thermostat.

Typical freezer installation requires two stainless steel direct evaporator plates (or a hidden cooling coil if the installation is new construction.) Plates are 1/2" thick with sealed backs and are available in custom sizes with stainless steel or copper refrigerant tubes. Models inclue the BF1-1/4hp, air cooled; BF2-1/4hp,either air or water cooled; and BF3-3/8hp, air or water cooled.


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