Sea Frost BD 12 Volt Direct Evaporator System


Sea Frost BD Direct Evaporator Systems are advanced design12 or 24 volt DC refrigeration conversion kits, perfect for well insulated refrigerator boxes. The system consists of two components - the compressor, which is remotely located, and a half-inch thick polished stainless steel cold plate which can be mounted on a shelf, wall or ceiling. BD systems come factory pre-charged and require no special tools to install. Dockside the systems operate through the boat's battery charger.

Models include the standard BD which utilizes a state of the art, electronically-controlled, variable speed Danfoss® hermetic compressor; and the 30% higher capacity BDxp. Air cooling is standard, a water cooling option allows use of air or air/water.

Options include custom plate sizes, custom line lengths, 2-plate freezer systems, freezer bin, remote thermostat, electronic control, air and water cooling and ice-making tray kits.


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