Sea Recovery Aqua Matic Compact and Modular

Aquamatic Modular


The vision and directions were specific: Create a simple-to-use automatic water maker with robust engineering, extended service life, and low maintenance. The Sea Recovery engineering team worked on this project for two years to bring water making to its ultimate, yet simplest form: Just touch the screen and the Aqua Matic does the rest automatically, with reduced maintenance, giving you more leisure time.

The Aqua Matic Compact style is a low profile, small footprint, horizontal one-piece frame configuration that minimizes installation time. All components within the frame are readily accessible for ease of maintenance. Items external of the frame include: sea strainer, booster pump, optional multimedia filter, optional plankton filter, commercial pre-filter, oil/water separator, optional rinse and clean valves, fresh water flush, optional remote touchscreen, and optional soft motor starter.

The Aqua Matic Modular style allows for separate system component placement, which gives more versatility to the installation when  ther is insufficient space for the compact system.

Sea Recovery
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