Sea Frost BG Series


BG systems are high capacity, generator-driven units. The BG 1000 is a 3/4 h.p. water-cooled 110 or 220 volt AC compressor that operates using either dockside power or the boat's onboard generator. It is designed to be installed as a primary system but can be installed with Engine Drive, DC 5000, or Shore Assist, and is best fitted to a boat that uses its generator more than the main engine. The BG 1000 is fitted with a thermostatic control, allowing the boat to be left dockside for extended periods of time while maintaining even refrigeration temperatures.

The BG 2000 is a one h.p. system designed for trawlers and other boats with either onboard or dockside AC power generation. This extremely powerful refrigerator/freezer system mcombines holding plates and refrigerant R-404a for a fast freeze and ultra cold temperatures utilizing generator power when available. This means minimal daily running time and peaceful evenings with no machinery noise. Because ther is no battery or inverter use, larger freezers are possible.

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