Sea Frost Thermostats and Controls


Remote Thermostat

The optional remote thermostat is panel mounted. This control allows adjusting  the temperature or switching on/off of the BD without having to open the box. The thermostat must be mounted within 50 inches of the cold plate. Remote Thermostat dimensions: H3.5" W3.15"

Electronic Thermostat/Thermometer Control

The ETT is accurately controls the cold plate temperature as well as displaying  the interior cabinet temperature. The LEDs indicate standby and run conditions. The ETT offers accurate operating settings. The programmable differential increases efficiency. Fitted with wired sensors, the ETT control may be installed any distance from the refrigerator cabinet. It requires 2.5 inches behind its mounting panel. When ordering, specify 12 or 24 volt. ETT dimensions: H3.5" W4.6"

BD Speed Control

The BD speed Control can be added to any BD system to change the compressor speed. Speed can be adjusted for cooler weather and will reduce cycling of the compressor. Slowing the compressor reduces the cooling rate, lowering amp draw and reducing battery wear. This also allows energy draw to be matched to solar panels or windmill output. LEDs indicate the compressor operation and speed. The BD speed control should be used with the standard thermostat or with  the ETT. BD Speed Control dimensions: H3.5" W3.15"

The BD Speed Control/Thermostat

BD Speed Control/Thermostat combines the remote thermostat with a speed control. The thermostat must be mounted within 50 inches of the cold plate. BD Speed Control/Thermostat Dimensions: H3.5" W4.6"


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