Sea Frost Engine Drive System


The Sea Frost Engine Drive System offers true cold storage refrigeration for offshore cruising. The cold storage method is like having a "self-replenishing block of ice" and is the best way to refrigerate a boat when a continuous power source is not available or when battey banks are inadequate to support electric systems. Driving the compressor from the engine rapidly freezes  the contents of the holdover plate converting engine power to"cold" directly - an extremely efficient energy transfer. A well designed Engine Drive system can accomplish a day's worth of refrigeration in under an hour while otherwise using the engine: motoring, charging your batteries, making and/or heating water.

Water cooling is achieved by using a flow-through condenser (heat exchanger) and the engine raw water pump. This eliminates an additional water pump, strainer and through-hull fittings.

The Engine Drive is easily combined with other types of Sea Frost systems, including our dockside, generator or 12 volt models.


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